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Your brand_is the perfectly unified sum of the best things you are, and the most powerful tool you have in business.

Branding isn't so much a study of "logos & letterheads," but a working process that begins with a simple step-by-step conversation with you to learn about the product or service you offer. Where do you see your opportunity in the market?  What makes you unique?  Who do you consider your competition and what do you believe your company can deliver better than anyone else in the market? Is your business "just business" or will you and your people want to interact closely with your clients?

With a working understanding of things like these, we set out to frame and present one or more brand concepts to you. With discussion, together choosing the elements that "fit," we fine tune them into a "BRAND,"  a kind of business persona, a market image, your stated strengths, initial target audiences, style and and yes, even the fonts & colors that present the best visual expression of your brand.

It's the perfectly unified sum of the best things you are and the most powerful tool you'll have in your business.