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THINK HERE We were asked to develop a new brand for 2 commercial real estate buildings in the North Los Angeles area.  We started by developing 8 prospective names and concepts, all addressing the high tech professional demographic the owners wanted to attract.  One approach was chosen and ultimately refined into the brand THINK HERE LA.  In manifesting the brand we were asked to also develop the interior, exterior signage and way finding. Web design and print followed. The property launched in November 2017.


Digital Circus  Print & digital advertising for a premier collective of sound and picture editors based in Santa Monica, California. The final image [above] was developed from a portrait of a Gaming world celebrity photographed in our Broadway working studio, then composited with vintage circuit board photos from Stanford University [CA] and street shots from Downtown Los Angeles.



CityWorks Working with Environ, an Architecture and Design firm we learned their skills and expertise were often applied in projects for municipalities, universities and federal departments.  They were also experienced in handling the unique budgeting and timelines that operate differently for this industry segment.

With those strengths we helped them develop a new division, CityWorks [ 2016] to market directly to that business segment.  We recruited the division's sales and marketing VP as well. The new division is now centered with the CityWorks Team at Environ Architecture.


CW Pencils NYC 2016 A social media campaign developed for CW Pencils in New York City, we photographed several of the "sketch" pages that resulted when people in the store tried out different pencils. A basic framework was developed for posting and we inserted the pages we felt would project best in the social media environment.

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Hemet West An up-scale retirement community contacted us to work with them in re-branding their property for a newer, younger living demographic. We did a full brand study and then began the work with a fresher approach to the visuals, photography and materials.  We further defined their positioning as an  "An Active Living Resort. " We continue to work with them for social media content, print materials, special projects and as a voice in overall marketing decisions.  Above: Pages from the Hemet West property brochure.

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HealthSource 101 An established medical insurance brokering firm asked us to help them develop a new company to concentrate specifically on person to person information and representation with providers and assistance in navigating the often difficult medical benefit choices employees need to make and utilize in their workplace.  Studying the industry and working closely with the client the new "In Person, On Line & On Call" resource is prepared for corporate sales presentations and launch in Spring of 2018.

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BETTER ON A BIKE  An on-line magazine & marketing campaign we developed for Raleigh Bicycles that entertains, informs and engages people who don't see themselves in anybody's racing peloton, but want to start riding a bicycle more often to simple easy places because it just feels better to be out there on a bike.  A national program geared for local, in-store participation. Projected Launch 2018.

To see more of the work we've done, please contact us. We can put together an on-line review of creative elements that may relate specifically to your project.