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It all started when…

One morning, deep into your wake-up shower, an idea for a new company showed up. Just like that and right in the middle of whatever you’d been thinking about.  But it was perfect, a completely formed concept for selling something, a product or maybe a special service no one in the market was addressing right now. And while the water kept running, the idea kept growing, evolving and refining itself into a business model so real in your mind that you finally stumbled out of the shower, grabbed your phone or a pencil and a piece of paper... and made as many notes as you could about whatever it was that just happened.

Make no mistake, this was the start of something big, informed and inspired. And the truth is, that morning... the essence of your brand was born. You had a clear concept of your professional and personal self and why you were uniquely qualified to offer this product or service. You knew how it would be different and better, and why it would be well worth the price you decided on. If this or something similar sounds like your own business path, in a fairly measured amount of time you and your brand were likely up and running.

I get to work with a lot of companies in this new and inspired state. I’m the guy who takes those highly energized ideas and forms them into the brand and communication elements people need to make it happen. What does it look like? What is the company’s core message? How will they represent themselves in the digital stratosphere... and I will tell you, it’s just “so damn fun” because the drive and clarity of what they’re forming is laser sharp.

Now fast forward to somewhere after the success pinnacle and if it’s your company, you might be trying to figure out what’s happening. Buried in spread sheets, HR, sourcing problems, lackluster sales, ho-hum employees, upstart competitors and changing market preferences, your attention to your brand is probably taking a back seat if you’re thinking about it at all.

And that’s the point, you do need to think about it!

Brands don’t take care of themselves.  Even the really, really big ones are being tended to by the minute because their reach is so extensive. The chances for them to take a wrong step, become unclear or misunderstood in the marketplace are significant. Most brands won’t need that level of attention but personally, you probably do a certain amount of grooming before you go to work each day, so be conscious of the same thing for your brand.

“Your brand is the perfectly unified sum of the best things you are and the most powerful tool you have in business.”

Ask yourself how your brand is being perceived in the market today? Is your product just something in a box for a price or is it something from a vital and well expressed company brand? A really good brand can just scream with clarity.  As a customer you know what it’s about, what it promises and what that company would never, ever do. Your brand doesn't need to scream but it’s important that you've defined it in the market and if you can, be a little exciting.

Brands can change, adapt and even be “sexy.” Regardless of your established core principles and commitment, are you actually expressing a brand look and consumer message that people like? Does it make them feel better that you're out there? Does your brand make someone feel that today, in this moment, with everything he or she believes in... they’re choosing a good or even the best and brightest company possible.

And finally your brand is you, your company, how and what you’ve committed to offer consistently to the market. At I MOBIUS we ask our clients to think about it this way, “Your brand is the perfectly unified sum of the best things you are, and the most powerful tool you have in business.”  You can't look at a competitor you fear is taking too much of your business and decide that maybe you'll model your brand and behavior to be just like them. You are not just like them and most customers quietly steer away from companies who display that kind of mismatched thinking.

Of course there are lots more things you can do to strengthen your brand and a few others to avoid, but simply ignoring your brand altogether can result in your business slowly deteriorating from the inside out. The core falls away and pretty soon you’re left with a shell that still opens its doors and answers the phone but is missing the foundation [ your brand ] that allowed you to build the genuine success you had in the beginning.

Tomorrow morning take a little extra time in the shower and remind yourself of those unique and important strengths on which you built the ideas for your company and brand.

What’s helpful in recapturing your brand is to get your thinking back to the basics. Tomorrow morning take a little extra time in the shower and remind yourself of those unique and important strengths on which you built the ideas for your company and brand. Congratulate yourself for how well it worked the first time and scold yourself a bit because you forgot or didn’t notice how critical all that passion and clarity was in making it work.

The brand work I do with companies in start up, scaling up, diversifying, and for some, re-branding, is honestly so informative to me. I learn a WHOLE BUNCH about brands and businesses, what works and what doesn’t, and I’ve never been in a conference room or listened to a company’s story and felt like I’d heard it all before. Never.

Somewhere in there might be the real beauty of business, when you can learn from, and bring your own strengths to a unique and informed group of professionals who know how to define a viable market opportunity and then focus on the very best things in themselves to be successful together.  I’d wish that for anyone.     Mick Victor    cell 310 779 3985