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In 2015, building a more extensive and integrated team at Environ Architecture and Design, principals Alan Burks and Willetta McCulloh invited I MOBIUS to open a second location inside their firm at 100 Oceangate in Long Beach, CA.  Here, we work with Environ's design team to extend the firm's creative voice in the work they do for their clients. For workplace or commercial spaces, clients often have an initial sense of what they need functionally, but are less sure of how the space should look and feel to those visiting or working there. What should the space "say" about their company or organization? Is it open and inviting or by design should it be quieter and more private?  As Creative Director, I work with individual clients to help them better define their brand and how it might be expressed more successfully in their new space. At their request, we can then continue by helping to shape the direction and content for their social and corporate messaging. When their space is completed, it will have everything to do with who they are and how their "brand" is being presented every day.  We're thrilled and appreciative to the team at Environ for inviting us to be a part of it.

Mick Victor