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I MOBIUS is a Creative Agency, a collective of creative, visual, digital, and branding specialists, headed by Mick Victor. Our work is centered on the development of MARKETING IDEAS & SOLUTIONS.  It's the stuff that people  and businesses run on these days almost 24/7 and the need to "see & be seen" consistently across a growing mix of platforms has never been more demanding.               

From the simple to the not so simple, we work with clients to develop words & visuals, photography, design, animation & video. We can help with one or more pieces of the story, or write, design and present an entire campaign, on-line and/or in print across multiple platforms including social media.                                   

For individuals or businesses these same creative disciplines are important in the unique brand that represents them. Here our work is comprehensive, defining and integrating their strengths and what they want to achieve with a market persona that's both compelling and memorable.

Today we know the creative elements that represent you will be seen thousands of times, and for some, in less than a minute. It’s why individually, every single piece of your story is as important as how they all work together.

At I MOBIUS we work together tirelessly to insure the quality of what we deliver every day is designed to propel not only the stories we’re telling, but the clients who are trusting us every day to move their market brand forward.

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We begin working on any individual or group of creative elements by asking what its job is
and where. On-line, in print, broadcast or a combination of these. Are the words introducing
something or someone? is it a stand alone piece or part of a campaign, a series of
communications? Does it need to explain or ease the pain of the “technical? ” [we’re good at
that stuff
] Is it exciting or quiet, does it whisper or SCREAM or speak confidently somewhere in
between. Then there’s the visual look and style, is it raw and pushy, or genuine and helpful. Is it bright and just plain FUN! or cool, quiet and elegant… is it some wonderfully delicate combination of these things as most things are.

With ideas in mind we get to work and begin to show you some words and different approaches.
One of them we hope will connect with you, perhaps more than the others, and from there we
continue our work, designing the visuals, refining the message and moving forward, integrating
all of our collective best choices until each piece is approved, wrapped up and ready to deliver.

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Branding isn't so much a study of "logos & letterheads," but a process that begins with a simple step-by-step conversation helping both of us learn about the product or service you offer, where you see your opportunity in the market, who you consider as your competition, and what you and your company will do better than anyone else in the market you've chosen.

With a working understanding of things like these, we set out to frame and present one or more unified brand concepts to you. With discussion, together choosing the elements that "fit" we fine tune them into a "BRAND," a kind of business persona, a market image, your stated strengths, initial target audiences, style and and yes, even the fonts & colors that present the best visual expression of your brand.

It's the perfectly unified sum of everything you are, and the most powerful tool you'll have in your business.