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Kind Words from Our Clients

George Russell / Producer Phase 3 Films  I'll try not to speak in superlatives but I've worked with a lot of creative directors and Mick is one of those guys that just "gets it"- he gets the project, the clients, the creatives and non-creatives working under him and he considers the entire process from start to finish, concept to delivery and all the little issues that no one else seems to catch as well as he does. Additionally, his personality is such that people generally gravitate towards him and listen- if he has a few people working under him or an extensive team.  I've worked with Mick on long term promotional campaigns and shorter time frame projects-he handles both equally well.

Dennis Crupi / Director Digital Marketing Ingram Micro We hired Mick to assess our in-house creative team and processes, and the outcome was superb. Mick lived with us off and on for about six weeks, and fully submerged himself in our world. During that time, he reviewed and analyzed our work, skill sets, processes, equipment, and then some. In the end, Mick turned in a concise and actionable report that nailed our strengths and weaknesses, and prioritized critical areas of opportunity. Our marketing leadership team was truly impressed, not only by the accuracy and usefulness of Mick's report, but also by the fact that Mick distilled in less than six weeks what it takes most people six months to understand.

Ted Cote / CEO IM / TMA Marketing Inc  Mick's creative instincts border on supernatural. His gift of expression through words and images give ideas, products, or brands a damned good chance to succeed. He and his team give attention to the smallest details but never fail to keep the overall concept in front of the development efforts. He loves helping his clients deliver great work but often gives the credit to anyone other than himself.  In short, I trust Mick implicitly.

Janice Daniello / Sr VP Marketing / Post Modern Group  Mick’s extensive management experience, coupled with his creativity and photography talents enable him to anticipate our needs and develop a cohesive strategy to address them-in every case with a beautifully designed solution.

To see more of the work we've done, please contact us. We can put together an on-line review of creative elements that may relate specifically to your project.